Is your business grappling with these challenges?

  • Do you have trouble moving successfully from ideas to impact?
  • Is the productivity of your innovation activities falling behind your rival companies?
  • Is no one held accountable for missed growth potential?
  • Is your company inward looking and risk-averse?

You may benefit from discovering your Innovation Persona!

What is this assessment?

An interactive, cross-functional process to understand an organization’s innovation persona and develop an action plan based on that understanding

  • Starts with a survey completed by key leaders
  • Collation and interpretation of the survey inputs by EIG
  • Collaborative alignment on Maturity, Prowess and Operational Propensity
  • Improvement action plan and alignment on next steps
Validates you who you are, where you are, and how you operate
Facilitates aligning the innovation persona with the business model and company strategy
Builds the innovation roadmap to drive business success

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