Implementing Continuous Improvement in our modern landscape

Providing high quality products or services to clients is a competitive necessity. However, in today’s environment companies should seek to provide superior quality and not merely high quality, as high quality has become the norm.

Part of our Continuous Improvement approach involves conducting a quality overhaul of your organization, seeking to improve and optimize every aspect of your operations. We follow practical and proven methodologies, and assess and map the processes in your organization. First, we define the processes, and their inputs and outputs. Then we think of creative ways to improve those process, by improving both inputs and the approach, which leads to very high-level outputs.

We follow Deming’s fourteen principles of quality improvement, and believe that improvement should be a relentless nonstop endeavor. Furthermore, the results should be sustainable and not merely short-term. We apply this continuous improvement to processes, which over time leads to incremental remarkable changes that enable companies to deliver maximum value to customers most efficiently.

We have vast theoretical and practical experience in process improvement across many industries and functional areas. This helps us provide your organization with sophisticated methodologies in process improvement that could revolutionize the way you deliver value to your customers. We also provide you with tailored tools that are suitable for different processes to deliver a holistic and comprehensive approach in process improvement.

Here at EIG, our experts make sure that the process is as rigorous as it needs to be. That might mean seeking improvement across your entire organization, which translates to better cost performance, better delivery times, higher capacity, improved employee morale and satisfaction, and an improved bottom line.

We consider the organization as an organism where all the parts should be functioning at their best to ensure that the organization is functioning well as a whole. Our continuous improvement efforts are based on singlehandedly improving each process, leading to improvement that is more than the sum of the parts.


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