Creating lasting change that resonates with your leadership and environment

A company that is not changing is a company that is not growing. Change is an imperative when the surrounding environment is rapidly changing and organizations need to sustain their advantage.

At EIG Consulting, we recognize this imperative and work with you to deliver the benefits of projects intended to induce lasting change beyond their direct output. Together we identify barriers to change and find ways to overcome them through effective program and project management, and thus turning projects into vehicles for successful transformation of your organization.

To optimize the change endeavor, we believe that companies need to have an “outside perspective” where they can view things from an angle other than the one they are used to. Oftentimes managers do not have the best vantage point when making important decisions. As the saying goes: “if you see the forest, you’re not in the trees”. Once they see things from a different angle, things become clear. Our role here is to help you solve the very complex problems that arise from change efforts, with a fresh and honest perspective.

We adapt our success model to your company’s culture and ‘language’, and support you throughout your change efforts from A to Z. We begin by assessing the need for change and then design the most appropriate change initiative for your organization and your environment.

Collaboratively, we plan together to deliver change from the highest to the lowest levels, from the frontline to your executives. This will enable your business to deliver superior performance and become more adaptable. We plan all the aspects of transformational projects including scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, and others, while managing risks throughout the execution process to ensure success, and making sure all team members are engaged and motivated for the change initiative.

Our unique approach gives proper emphasis to culture change – it is embedded it in all of our change initiatives, as we know from experience that culture change is crucial for successful change endeavors. We help change the culture of your company from within, from top to bottom, so that your team is performing at its best individually and collectively.

We also design the plans and give you the tools for monitoring and controlling the change initiative to ensure that the effort is delivering its intended benefits, such as improving adaption rates, improving customer loyalty and customer retention, driving referrals, and many others.

We also empower you with knowledge about the theories and techniques of culture management, making your change efforts focused in the right place and efficient. And at the end of the effort, we assess together whether your change effort has achieved its benefits and gather the lessons learned, boosting the growth momentum of your organization.


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