Error Prevention Innovation Capability (EPIC)

Sustainable Solutions Training

Learn Today, Apply Tomorrow!

  • Do you want to improve your bottom line immediately?
  • Do you want an ROI assessment tool for your key initiatives?
  • Do you have chronic quality issues you would like to resolve permanently?
  • Do you wish for a quick solution that would significantly improve your customers’ satisfaction and your competitiveness?

Error proofing is not new, most companies and industries use it, and the quality of most products and services continues to improve.  Upon closer inspection, much of the quality improvement trend may be more attributable to the technology advances in test and inspection solutions, as opposed to contemporary advances in the prevention of defects. The only way to drive to zero defect quality across your enterprise is through preventive solutions designed to eliminate errors, which result in defects.  The knowledge needed to instill a culture of error prevention is limited, therefore implementation of preventive error proofing remains a desire, rather than a reality across most industries, until now!

For the first time, you have access to EPIC™, the success-based Error Prevention Innovation Capability™ methodology and tool set, previously available to only a select few organizations in the automotive industry.  If you would like to learn:

  • The 8-step error proofing improvement process
  • The 5 categories of error proofing solutions and their interrelationship
  • The EPIQ™ scoring system to ensure that your organization is optimizing robust solutions

Then this interactive workshop is a must attend.  In addition, you will learn the little known secret to evaluating error proofing solutions that you will not find anywhere else in the literature today.  This secret will revolutionize your thinking on such solutions as poka-yoke and standard work.  It can mean the difference between selecting sub-standard solutions that continue to produce defects and driving to perfection.  After some of your professional problem solvers and deployment champions complete this course, they will be positioned to drive many of your existing critical initiatives to the next level.  This unique methodology and comprehensive system can be easily integrated into your current business improvement processes such as Six Sigma, Lean and Innovation in a very short period of time.

This 16 hour, 2 day interactive EPIC™ training course has been perfected during 10 years of successful global deployment to over 5000 participants.  Unlike many systems and solutions, game-changing results can be realized immediately following the one day session.  The workshop includes the introduction to the EPIC™ tool set, along with hands-on exercises to ensure comprehension.  This allows participants to implement their knowledge as soon as they complete the session.

Mary Litteral, the author of this unique methodology, is a highly skilled global trainer, with a broad technical background.  She has held a number of high profile leadership positions in quality engineering, technology development, product design engineering, manufacturing engineering, and program management, in the 25 years she spent at a global Fortune 200, high tech, automotive electronics design and manufacturing firm. In 2010 she developed this exceptional 8-hour training course with an exclusive error proofing scoring system, and is currently consulting with a number of well known companies on preventive error proofing.