Value Proposition Training

Product/Service Value Proposition Training

Value Proposition training is targeted for Product/Service Marketing Managers and their team including Technology and Sales Managers. Developing sound value propositions is the key to developing your team’s skills to ensure that they are focused on the right products and services that meets market needs.

We walk you through on how to identify and prioritize the key ingredients to develop a comprehensive and competitive value position. EIG’s process enables the Product Manager to develop a strong business case and garner business support to justify project resources. Furthermore, by taking more care to define the service/product offering, launch dates can be accelerated and success rates improved, increasing return on investment. Collaborative group exercises illustrate how the value proposition positively enables sales, marketing, and product development teams. We not only explore the differences between product/service features but develop a non-biased customer backed quantitative evaluation criteria to prioritize the critical product features.

In summary, the workshop participants gain an understanding through interactive learning sessions to solve pertinent value proposition challenges that apply to your environment. This knowledge can be used to create solutions that will have an immediate and lasting impact for your teams and your company.