Matching your strategy to your competitive environment

Strategy makes the difference between success and failure in the market, and the performance gap between winners and losers is widening more than ever before. At EIG Consulting, we understand this better than anyone.

A well-designed strategy ensures your team members stay on target and gives them clear direction, helps employ resources where they matter the most and bring the biggest impact, helps coordinate and focus the efforts of everyone involved, and guides decision making.

Here at EIG, we address all aspects of strategic design. We assess your current organizational design and whether it achieves its intended performance. We then study the environment and the industry in which you operate, and help you design an effective strategy in that context, ensuring that the designed strategy with all of its aspects is a good fit for your environment.

We help you define and augment your competitive advantage in the market, and enable you to sustain and protect that advantage from being eroded by current competitors and new entrants. Together, we build the right capabilities for the marketplace, and give you the right tools to attract and retain the best talent to provide a lasting edge to your business. Furthermore, we help you design the organizational structure where your employees thrive and deliver their best.

In addition, we help you design the best incentives and compensation program for your employees to drive engagement, productivity, and innovation, to help you maintain your advantageous position.

Put simply, our approach is all about designing a strategy that enables you to make the right moves at the right time in the marketplace where you operate.

In the overall, our efforts in strategic management are tailored to enable you achieve strategic fit, which ensures alignment of the internal components of your organization with the external environment. We go beyond SWOT analysis to enable you deliver value to your customers, be socially responsible, while maintaining profitability.


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