Think BIG with Data!

“In God we TRUST, all else bring DATA” (W. Edwards Deming). Making decisions without credible “real-time” data is like steering an ocean liner with a paddle or driving down the highway looking in your review mirror. Credible and actionable data is one of our largest challenges to achieve consistent and effective decision-making. “Big Data” and “Data Analytics” (BIG ANALYTICS) are the keys to driving the continuity of believable actionable executable data-based decisions.

Healthy Data Creates Healthy Decisions

Just like our body’s health, we need to take care and mature our company’s data health to make timely consistent effective and efficient decisions. We can initiate the journey with a health SPA data treatment or a 90-day workout regime to prove what is like to become healthy. Or we can make the commitment to transform the way we treat our bodies understanding that “garbage-in creates garbage-out”. EIG’s SPA data treatment is our FAST track Analytics offering in which we extract large amounts of transactional and/or operational data from your ERP systems to perform a proof-of-concept deliverable to address a plaguing business issue. After this data application case study, you will better understand the power of data. However, once you “go back to work” (the project is over), you may be challenged to sustain the gains due to your data infrastructure.

Creating a Data Asset-Based Infrastructure Environment

To create an environment where you and your team can use data as an asset requires a dedicated program-driven approach. Once you have decided to sustain your data asset’s health, we will work with you to develop the big data fundamentals: Enterprise Information Management (EIM). Just like when you make the commitment to be healthy, we start with the basic workout (Yes, it is BORING). As when we become older (companies become larger), we need to spend more time performing the basic exercise routine to play the sports that we used to love to play. Everyone wants to go and ski hard like they used to after the SPA treatment. But we all know what happens, we become overconfident and sometimes get hurt. Similarly, for your company, we need to spend the time to get the company’s “body” (Data Infrastructure) healthy through diligence and routine.

Continuing Your Big Analytics Journey

While we continue to treat data as an asset, we can achieve “quick-wins” where we are feeling confident with the data. Periodically, going to the SPA for targeted health building exercises creates the buzz with your teams to build the momentum to sustain your SPA data treatment quick-win targeted performance areas.

In summary, EIG’s BIG Analytics journey will guide on to go fast as you want to go. Respecting data (body) as an asset will enable you and every employee to make a timely data-based decision, addressing complacency and “the blame game”. Transparent credible data enables a self-sustaining environment that allows your company to grow perpetually healthy.

FAST Track Analytics (SPA Data Treatment)

We all want our answers FAST. Utilizing your data and collaborating with your team, EIG’s FAST Track Data Analytics offering (proof of concept) will be executed quickly. Our seven step process step process provides the roadmap that enables your team to prove and overcome targeted performance barriers quickly.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Building Credible Data Marts

Our journey starts with establishing believable data. We often pride ourselves on our vast data repositories. But the challenge is, do we believe our data and can we access the data in “real-time” to make timely actionable decisions. Sustaining credible data is the most commonly overlooked and under supported areas for most companies. Establishing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy creates a data management foundation that enables useful data analytics. Keeping our data “clean” and believable is challenging work which starts with a dedicated Governance Team and ends with high integrity credible data marts that are accessible.