Course Category: Supply Chain Risk Resiliency

Course Format: Online

Course Solution: Process

This new course provides knowledge and tools to guide you through understanding the choices available to your organization to manage supply chain risk and enhance the resiliency required for long term sustainability. Structured in three levels, in Level 2 we aim to help you better define the components of risk and resilience, to articulate the financial benefits of better risk management. You will acquire knowledge and insight in Level 2, in order to identify, assess, mitigate and manage supply chain risks.

Level 2 will provide a tremendous amount of new content that will assist you in operationalizing the present-day tools, techniques, methodologies, metrics, frameworks and solutions to make these enablers work for you and drive the Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency journey forward.

While supply chain management has evolved, in terms of improving organizations’ efficiency by applying tools, methods and new technology, vulnerabilities and risks continue to be exposed through globalization of the supply chain arena. Level 2 combines the maturity of supply chain management and the emerging new SCR&R tools, techniques, metrics and frameworks into a more comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing supply chain risk and ensuring a resilient supply chain.

The course utilizes current research and best practices applied in global supply chains including “Supply Chain Risk Management: An Emerging Discipline,” Schlegel and Trent, CRC/Press, published in 2015. Level 2 will leverage online resources, video clips from exemplar companies, personal interviews with the authors, Global Risk Indexes and much more to provide additional insight and clarity.

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Supply Chain Risk Resiliency

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