The Fresh Connection

The Fresh Connection

Advanced Online Business Simulation

The Fresh Connection (TFC) is an advanced online business simulation that challenges participants to work together as a team to demonstrate and improve their knowledge of the Value Chain. It creates greater alignment and a deeper understanding in the world’s biggest and best businesses

  • Fortune Global 500: 40% of the top 100 manufacturing businesses are using TFC.
  • Gartner Supply Chain Top 25: Over 50% are using TFC.
  • Global Top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Providers: 40% are using TFC.

Working in teams of four, participants represent the functional roles of Operations, Purchasing, Sales, and Supply Chain. They are challenged to consider corporate strategy and business objectives, meaning effectively putting strategy into action, dealing with contemporary business issues and trade-offs, and the need for a structured decisionmaking processes such as Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Key Takeaways

Experience the impact of value chain management on business performance in a competitive simulation environment. Put strategy into action.

Work Together and collaborate in management teams of 4 participants to manage the value chain. See the effects of creating true alignment and getting rid of functional silos.

Learn and Develop by drawing out key challenges and issues in Team Dynamics and Value Chain Trade Offs.

The Approach

By participating in ’rounds’ that each constitute 6 months in the real world, participants are encouraged to be proactive and think more about long term decisions which can influence business performance, rather than focus on short term reactive measures that have a limited impact upon company profitability.

Also experienced is the performance benefits gained by having effective communication, a good decisionmaking processes, and a known and followed strategy. Most importantly, highlighted is that good Supply Chain performance and execution of corporate strategy has a direct positive impact on company profitability.

Who will benefit?

From Directors to Planners, and from Finance to Supply Chain and Sales, The Fresh Connection is an ideal development opportunity for cross-functional teams, S&OP leadership groups, development programs, and all those involved in optimizing the value chain and increasing business performance.

Learning formats:

Dependent upon organizational requirements and desired learning outcomes The Fresh Connection provides companies with numerous learning formats to ensure business objectives are met. Ranging from a focus on team building and partnerships, through to corporate strategy, leadership development and structured communication processes such as S&OP / IBP, the varying depths of learning experience include:

  • Global Challenge: Ideal for team building and increasing cross-functional aware ness of the end-to-end Supply Chain;
  • In-company workshops: Can be structured between half a day or periods spanning months whilst including learning interventions to support the use of the simulation. Typically, engaging a cross- functional group of key members of the value chain some of the key learning’s include strategy into action, structured communication (S&OP), the need for collaboration, and trade-offs;
  • Integration into ongoing in-company learning programs: Leading organizations around the world have identified the value of The Fresh Connection as a tool to engage management, teach core competencies, build partnerships, improve collaboration, manage change, and drive company profit ability through achieving a shared vision and alignment throughout the organization.


``Both the participating team and the entire organization recognized, that communication and good interdisciplinary knowledge of the participants are of immense importance in striving for an excellent and business efficient S&OP process.``
Ewa Wawer-Modrakowska

Supply Chain Manager at Valeo Service Eastern Europe
``This addictive game allowed us to spend unforgettable moments and to acquire knowledge that will last through time. The only regret is that it's over, because I had really grown fond of our regular interactions. We are now equipped with new tools to succeed.``
Nelly Jourdren

Supply Chain Project Manager at Sephora (LVMH)
``This is a fantastic training program to build value chain and a customer-first mindset. Cross-functional participation helps teams to appreciate each other's roles and the true benefits of collaboration. The 'LIVE Business Simulation' inculcates the importance of consumer /customer/ business impact of every decision made by individual streams. Since the training received an excellent score from participants , we plan to cascade it further to our Supply chain leaders.``
Varun Gupta

Head of Supply Chain Centre of Excellence at Nestle India

Versatile Configurations

The Fresh Connection is very versatile in its possible configurations. Training sessions can be set up varying in length of half a day up to multiple days. The complexity of content is entirely based on customer’s learning goals. Logically the intended audience is also included when set ups are being discussed. Set ups can focus on:

  • Supply Chain Strategy;
  • Sales and Operations Planning / Integrated Business Planning;
  • Supply Chain Risk Management;
  • Logistics Footprint;

To name but a few possibilities. More than 10 languages can be supported if that is a customer requirement