Join the EIG Group and the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium @ Lehigh University for a lively discussion about what we feel is going to be a “W-like” recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We describe the aspects of a “W-like” recovery, including the What, the Why and the When.

We dig down into one of the key reasons for the “W” recovery, the Bullwhip effect, which will impact the complexion of the “3-R’s”, Respond, Recover and Renew. We also share with you our views on the elements of each phase, provide a few corporate examples associated with the “3-R’s” and conclude our discussion with a few takeaways, profiling three types of emerging companies coming out of the COVID-19 global risk event.

Full Webinar: COVID-19 “W” Recovery: The “3-R’s”: Respond, Recover & Renew