Webinar Focus: Aligning SCR&R Priorities to Your Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

Please join Greg and Jim for a lively discussion about how the SCR&R program can support your annual budgeting process (Strategy Planning).

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► Greg Schlegel CPIM, CSP, Jonah, Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner of Enhance International Group, LLC International Group

This Webinar focuses on leveraging the SCRM Consortium’s 40 years of knowledge to provide you with a Prescriptive, Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency 90-Day Action Plan aligning to your Strategic Planning Process. The program is based on benchmarking companies covering three persona outcomes resulting in your tailored Action Plan to support your annual budgeting process.

We will describe the assessment program and provide insights from the graphical outcomes from stakeholder inputs.

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  1. Integrating the SCR&R Program Deliverable into your Annual Budgeting Process
  2. SCR&R Program Description
    1. Maturity Model – WHERE you ARE?
    2. Risk Appetite – WHO you ARE?
    3. “Cultural Kite” – HOW do you OPERATE?
  3. Program Deliverables
      1. Exposure to Risks within your Business Objectives
      2. Accelerating Time-to-Value
      3. Integrated Action Plan
  4. Program Requirements