This is the 5th in a series of webinars (Capstone) focusing on leveraging Best Practices to drive control of your Supply Chain.

M&A Statistics (EY)
► Private Equity exits have been more heavily impacted, falling nearly 60% in Q1 2022 versus the same period a year ago (EY).

► EY survey of more than 2,000 CEOs globally reveals confidence has returned, but strategic choices will determine future success

► 54% of respondents plan to prioritize investment in existing business

► Studies have shown that between 70% and 90% of transactions are not successful i.e. they don’t live up to their investment thesis.

ERP Implementations do NOT need to be Disruptive!!


► Dani Kaplan, Owner, ERP Expert, SMC Data Systems
► Greg Schlegel CPIM, CSP, Jonah, Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner of Enhance International Group

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1) M&A Historical Trends
2) Best Practices in M&A
3) Leveraging ERPs to Realize Financial, Performance & Risk Benefits
4) M&A Transition Success Story
5) VAI Integrated ERP Benefits