In this webinar, we will be focusing on solving the Supplier Management Supplier Visibility Challenges to Make Informed Decisions to resolve fulfillment problems, improve cash flow, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue.

We will focus on 3 best practices and a case study to Fortify Sourcing to Deliver Faster than your Competitors to survive & thrive in the Post-COVID era.

► Dani Kaplan, Owner, ERP Expert, SMC Data Systems
► Greg Schlegel CPIM, CSP, Jonah, Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner of Enhance International Group

This is the 4th in a series of webinars focusing on leveraging Best Practices to drive control of your Supply Chain.

During the Webinar, we will be asking for your interactive feedback throughout the presentation to create a rich dialogue.

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1) Addressing the Shortages and Overages due to the W-Recovery
2) Best Practices in Supplier Management
3) Leveraging ERPs to Fortify Sourcing to Deliver Faster than Your Competitors
4) Supplier Management Success Story
5) VAI Integrated ERP Benefits