The Need for Execution Speed is magnified due to the pandemic.

Building resiliency within your decision-making to drive relentless FAST execution will differentiate you from the competition.

We will share powerful approaches to transform uncertainties into certainties, saving time and money.

Dynamic project execution marketplace competitiveness is the focus of this Webinar Series.

Our first Webinar focuses on HOW TO quickly deRisk your top priorities and sustain the execution proficiency of your top priorities such as New Product Introduction, Research & Development, IT Infrastructure, Consolidation, Restructuring, Capital, and Cross-Functional Programs.

► Dan Adams: Founder, President, The AIM Institute
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group

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1. NEED: Why Take-on Risks
2. UNCOVER your RISKs (Landmines)
4. A Case Story of De-RISKING
5. FOUR steps of De-RISKING
6. The New Management CONVERSATION