The global pandemic has magnified just how interconnected our world has become. This makes speed in product and service innovation all the more important. New powerful sources are available to shorten and de-risk your NPI/D processes through smart digitization.

Please join us to discuss how to bring NPI/D Speed while not sacrificing resiliency through Digitalization.

► Mark Sneeringer,: Continuous Improvement Consultant, SigMax-NH
► Phil Samuel: Author & Innovation Expert
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group

The development of a dynamic product and technology road-mapping process that drives marketplace competitiveness is the focus of this Webinar Series.

Our Webinar addresses on how integrating the latest Digitalization Practices in your processes will speed up the development of your new products and services.

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1. SPEED: Digitization Opportunities within the NPI/D Landscape
2. IDEATION: Accelerated Digital VOC Capture and Concept Generation
3. VISIBILITY: Leveraging & Creating Valuable Data to Understand and Justify Decision-Making
4. INSIGHTS: Accelerating Informed Decisions through PM and IPA
5. PLANNING: Avoiding Pitfalls through Pro-Active Project De-Risking
6. LAUNCHING: Unleashing Digitization for Your Organization