The productivity challenge – “how to do more with less”.

Sustaining productivity gains are dependent on the employee who is the organization’s greatest asset.

Over the next 2-3 years, there will be significant digital technology investment to enable the workforce to perform at a higher level.

The employee will continue to be the critical link to differentiate your company from the competition. Therefore, employee SKILLS will be at the APEX of productivity and profitability differentiation.

Please join Dr. Greg McLaughlin and Jim de Vries to rediscover the value of the employee in the 21st century digital age -The SKILLED EMPLOYEE.

We will share the WHY, WHAT and HOW to transform your organization to meet your customer’s, company’s and employee’s needs to build differentiating growth for the next 100 years.

Skills gap challenges are creating environments in which ….(Adecco, 2020):
• 45% feel that their organizations are missing out on growth opportunities
• 34% feel that product development is suffering
• 30% think that company profits are being hurt.

While there continues to be a skills mismatch (McKinsey, 2020):
• 56% of present skills do not match the needs of the future.
• Skills account for 92% of what executives think that American needs to support 85% of a company’s assets.

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1) Job-to-be-Done Evolution
2) Gaining Employee Job Ownership through Skills Development
3) Translating Job Descriptions to Employee Skills
4) Enabling the Committed Employee
5) Rapid Skills Development™ Assessment & 90-Day Action Plan