Gear up for a transformative webinar that addresses the systemic challenges of upgrading your warehouse-production with automation and Digital Twins for your future.

Join us as we address today’s reality of an ever-changing world of supply chain disruptions.

Please Join Dani, John and Jim with Guest Panelist Hosni Adra for a Lively Discussion

► Hosni Adra, CreateASoft, Managing Partner
• With 30+ years in building Digital Twins and AI

► Dani Kaplan, Owner, ERP Expert, SMC Data Systems
• With 40 years in ERP Solutions, Dani specializes in the mid-market.

► John Cosgrove, Co-Founder of Atlantic Handling Systems
• With 40 years of experience, John brings insights into handling equipment services.

► Jim de Vries, CSCP, Exec MBB, CSCP, SCR&R Founder of Enhance International Group
• With 40 years of experience, Jim brings insights into supply chain, process improvement and technology solutions.

1. Addressing Challenges of Integrating Production-Warehouse Automation and Digital Twins (DTs)
2. Gaining insights on knowing when to justify automation/DT
3. Optimizing Your Current/Future Warehouse Facility Layout and Automation
4. When and How to capitalize technology (IoT, ERP/WMS / Automation / DTs)
5. Case Studies for Automating Production-Warehouse Operations

1. Challenges in knowing when to move, expand, or automate your facility
2. The State of IoT/ERP/Digital Twin Marketplace
3. Factors to consider when upgrading your Production-Warehouse Facility
4. Best Practices in Expanding your IoT/ERP/DT Capabilities
5. Best Practices in Optimizing Facility Layout and Automation
6. Case Studies in Successful Transitioning Your Footprint