In today’s rapidly evolving world resulting from multipolar polycrisis, businesses must swiftly upgrade their business models through regionalization. Delaying supply chain redesign heightens the risk of the bullwhip effect. Act now to avoid future disruptions and seize the opportunity for transformation!

Change is already underway; according to Gartner, 35% of supply chain leaders have indicators their company has moved to regionalized production (Gartner: 2024 Balancing Sustainability and Resilience Survey). By 2028, 70% of all companies will adopt regionalized diversified SC models in the face of ongoing SC disruptions.

US GDP growth has been cut in half, but we are still growing. 2024 is becoming the year of indecision and uncertainty. Why? Because 50% of the world is having global elections – geopolitical risks..

1. Defining the Dynamic Change in Globalization
2. Risk Reward Opportunity Matrix Evaluation Tools
3. Creating Company Growth by Leveraging the Risk Landscape
4. Case Studies
5. What you can do Now!
6. Roadmap and Takeaways

With these headwinds, this is the best time to get ahead of your competitors by developing new growth opportunities to establish a RESILIENT ENTERPRISE TOGETHER!