92% of executives believe that workers lack needed skills!  Are you ready to start upskilling your workforce now? Or will you let technology pass you by and let your competitors take you out of the picture?

1) How the Workforce Environment is Changing
2) Why Work is Changing
3) COVID-19 Change Acceleration Impact
4) Addressing the Skills Gaps (Opportunities)
5) Rapid Skills Development™ Approach

This fundamental issue impedes rapid change, challenges resiliency and regenerative efforts causing employers to struggle with hiring or internally certifying qualified candidates. This webinar will explain why what, and how Rapid Skills Deployment (RSD).

Please join Dr. Greg McLaughlin,, McLaughlin Partners and Jim de Vries, Enhance International Group for a lively discussion and how RSD enables the Talent Management of the Resilient Enterprise.

This Resilient Enterprise Webinar is part of our series on establishing the Strategic Operating Cadence focusing on Talent Management.

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