The Paradox: 90% of all risks identified are at the Tactical and Operational level. However, these risks are less impactful than Strategic Risks which 86% of all negative impacts around the globe. Therefore, since Tactical and Operational Risks have much less impact, they are often not proactively addressed.

In today’s environment, Geopolitical Risk Scenarios are the in the top 3 External Strategic challenges for CEOs.

The focus of the webinar will be to demonstrate how best-in-class companies deal with these risks in their supply chain.

1. Tools to link Strategic Geopolitical Risks to Tactical/Operational Activities
2. Day-in-Life of SC Tactics and Operations aligned to a Geopolitical Risk Event
3. New SC Priorities in the Post-Globalization Era (Bain)
4. How Industry Leaders are managing approaching this linkage

Please join Greg and Jim for a lively discussion on methodologies that we have witnessed that enable these two organizations to work together to drive a resilient enterprise.
► Greg Schlegel CPIM, CSP, Jonah, Founder of The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner of Enhance International Group

In summary, we will address how link Strategic, Tactical and Operational Risks can establish a RESILIENT ENTERPRISE TOGETHER!

1) Common Geopolitical Risks (according to ChatGPT)
2) Tactical and Operational SC Risk Definitions (Disciplines, Time Horizons)
3) Linking Geopolitical risks to Tactical and Operational Landscape
4) Linking Financial and Operational Metrics
5) Extracting Valuable Takeaways