EIG’s second Webinar on “Building a Resilient Enterprise” provides discussion on your organization’s path to resiliency. How do your Agile efforts fit in? Do you need Agile or agility to achieve a resilient enterprise? Leading in the second of EIG’s “Building a Resilient Enterprise” series is Leila Rao. Jim de Vries and Leila Rao explores the connections between Agile, agility and resiliency as process and outcomes.

Webinar 2: Full Webinar

Highlight 2: Agile & Business Agility

Highlight 3: Connecting Agility to Resiliency

Highlight 4: Business Case for Resiliency

Highlight 5: Navigating without Seeing requires Agility

Highlight 6: Pre-requisites for Agile

Highlight 7: Why Perfection is a Pitfall

Highlight 8: Leveraging Agility

Highlight 9: The Agile Scenario