EIG’s first Webinar provides a glimpse into the what and why of resilient enterprises and prepare you for subsequent webinars profiling HOW to build a resilient enterprise. What is a resilient enterprise? A Resilient Enterprise has the capacity to overcome disruptions and continually transform itself to meet the changing needs and expectations of its customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

This initial Webinar highlights what a resilient enterprise looks like and the compelling reasons to act, in terms of why a company would spend time and money to build a resilient enterprise.

Highlight 1: SCRM Consortium - EIG Coronavirus (COVID-19) Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency Recommendation

The SCRM Consortium provides Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency Mitigation Recommendations highlighting on how to develop risk mitigation tactics in the short and long-term. These steps will position your company to establish a foundation to enable a Resilient Enterprise. What you can do now and what you can do to prepare for the future to become more resilient.

Webinar 1: Full Webinar

Highlight 2: What is Enterprise Resiliency

Highlight 3: Why Spend Time on Enterprise Resiliency

Highlight 4: Resilient Enterprise Next Steps

Highlight 5: Resilient Enterprise Polling Q&A