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Technology acceleration is undeniably one of the greatest opportunities and threats for leaders and organizations today.

Great enduring leaders and organizations have a paradoxical relationship with exponential or potentially disruptive technologies. They experiment often and widely; but are very intentional about which, when, and how to scale the right technologies. They are disciplined and chronically consistent with their purpose.

Mediocre leaders and organizations fall in love with technology. They boast about new capabilities, while quietly throwing more people at problems caused by poor technology selection, alignment, and implementation. They claim to be nimble, fast, and agile, while their zigzagged performance remains a flat line over time.

Our research and practice over the past 30 years in this area can be summarized as “Exponential technologies are reshaping the way we work and the way we live. But technology can also make stupid happen at the speed of light!”

If you are in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or San Francisco, join more than 2,000 cross-industry leaders of Excellence, Innovation, and Transformation as we collaborate to identifyprioritize, and scale the right technologies consistently aligned with our purpose to serve the world and create value for all stakeholders

Los Angeles – June 22 to 24 (as seen on LinkedIn)

Las Vegas – June 25 to 29 (as seen on LinkedIn)

San Francisco – June 30 to July 3 (as seen on LinkedIn)

Together, we learn, grow, and “Go for Extraordinary!” 


Jun 22 2024 - Jul 03 2024

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Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco
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