Proqis: Digital Workplace Transformation Live – A Virtual Conference

Unleashing the Digital Twin to Optimally Empower the Workplace

Goal: Establish a Digital Ecosystem to Enable Optimized Performance in 90-Days


After more than two years of lock-downs, many facilities are finding themselves struggling to find workers.   With an ever-growing demand for locally sourced goods, there is a shortage of facility workers –

  • 2.1 Million Manufacturing Jobs Could Go Unfilled by 2030 (National Association of Manufacturers – May 2021).
  • 78% Executives indicate that it impacts their ability to implement new technologies and increase productivity.
  • Manufacturing executives responding to the skills gap survey indicated that 6 of every 10 skilled production openings they have are unfilled today due to the talent shortage.

There continues to be pressure to move to local manufacturing while maintaining or reducing costs. Therefore, this is the era of the automated factory … doing more with less workers.

ERPs provide linear Supply/Demand planning. However, the non-liner complexities of Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) and Supply Chain Risks continues to cause havoc in the workplace resulting in firefighting and non-value added activities costing companies millions while losing customers. Real-Time monitoring and decision making are therefore required in order to reduce the impact of the dynamic complexities of the Supply Chain (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return).  The solution requires a Real-Time, Data Driven Digital Twin with integrated Neural Networks to leverage Artificial Intelligence, and enable dynamic learning (not available in ERPs).

This Webinar demonstrates CreateASoft’s digital twin tehnology that leverages learning algorithms using Neural Networks (AI) to generate sustained benefits that enable the workers to maximize their performance, drive sustained profitability, and exceed customer requirements.

Please join Hosni Adra, Managing Partner – CreateASoft and Jim de Vries, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group (EIG) for an insightful webinar demonstrating capabilities and providing you our proven 90—Day Roadmap to Digital Twin Sustainability.

  1. The Dynamic Supply Demand Planning VUCA World
  2. Unleashing the Learning (Shadow) Data-Driven Digital Twin™
  3. Digital-Twins – Enabling the Effective Worker
  4. 30-Days Digital Visibility | 90-Days to Real-Time Prescriptive Process Control


Mar 31 2022


10:00 am

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