Process Innovation and Design

Turn your Innovative Vision into Reality in this Five-Day Workshop Process Innovation and Design Course.

Why should you care about innovation? The average lifespan of companies is decreasing, and innovation will allow your company to thrive.

The Process Innovation and Design course will give you all the tools you need to achieve success along the entire innovation pathway.

Unlike some courses that focus on idea generation and other courses that only focus on refining existing ideas, this course teaches you a diverse set of tools within a complete roadmap that encompasses all of these ideas.

The Process Innovation and Design course follows a systematic innovation roadmap, D4 (Define, Discover, Develop and Demonstrate) to identify unmet customer needs, generate ideas to fulfill those needs, analyze the most promising solutions and test the end product/process. It enables you to do this within a purely innovation context, or as an enabler to your Lean Six Sigma program or project.


Apr 25 - 29 2022



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In-person (Denver) or Virtual
In-person (Denver) or Virtual


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