Practical AI Applications: A Fireside Chat – FinTech & Financial Services

Sixth in a Series of AI Webinars on Applying Practicality to Artificial Intelligence to FinTech & Financial Industry.

The AI Fireside Chat Webinar will provide you the opportunity to provide your perspective on the challenges in deploying AI/ML .

► Top FinTech Applications
1. Mobile Banking
2. Data Collection & Analysis
3. RIsk Management
4. Fraud detection
5. Data Security

► 80% of banks recognize the benefits of AI
► 75% of them already make use of this technology
► 46% plan to implement AI-based systems in the near future.

► The global Fintech AI market in 2020 was USD 7.91 Billion and is expected to reach USD 26.67 Billion by 2026. Estimated CAGR through 2026 of 23%.

CHALLENGE: What solution platform to choose and how to integrate with your infrastructure.

► Customer Support/ Retention
► Automated/Secure Payment
► Document Automation/ Automated
► Risk Profile of Customers/Underwriting & Credit Risk Assessment
► Transaction Visualization
► Demand Forecast, Price Elasticity/Algorithmic Trading
► Fraud Detection
► Payment 3-Way Match/Account Mismatch Reconciliation
► Corporate & Taxes

Please join us on November 16th – 1 pm EST
► Bulent Uyaniker, PhD: Founder, AI Scientist, DataSpeckle Scientific
► Cee (Carol) Bunevich: VP Partnership, Fusemachines
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group

We will benchmark exemplar businesses for practical affordable approaches.

Webinar Agenda:
1. Identifying the Best Approach to Solve the Problem
2. Confirming that the Right Data Exists or could be Created
3. Planning the Tech Stack
4. Deciding the most Practical Algorithms
5. Practical Applications for FinTech & FS

We look forward to your interactive questions and comments!

This is the sixth in a series of webinars on applying AI pattern recognition in different environments.
Our overall goal is to develop simplified value-added solutions for complicated non-standard case studies.


Nov 16 2021


1:00 pm

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