Integrated Onboarding: Blending New Talent with the Existing Team

Gear up for a transformative webinar that addresses the challenges, including:

• 64% of employees onboarded this year will leave within 12 months (hibob)!
• Millennials and Gen Z are likely to stay at a job for about 2.75 years, unlike Baby Boomers, who have stayed in their jobs for decades.

Join us as we explore the transformative journey of modernizing your organization’s capabilities to identify, attract and retain employees to support your company’s growth.

Please Join Christina, Jackie and Jim for a Lively Discussion

► Christina DiBernardo: Founder and Director of Expressive Connections Mental Health Counseling
With 10 years of experience, Christina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified in Biofeedback, a trained Advanced Clinical Supervisor – LMHC, MSED, BCB, ACS

► Jacquelyn Gernaey, Founder and CEO of SevenStarHR
With 40 years of experience, Jackie enables small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their goals by providing reliable and affordable HR solutions.

► Jim de Vries, CSCP, Exec MBB, Predictive Index – Founder of Enhance International Group
With 40 years of experience, Jim brings insights into business transformation: people, process, data and technology solutions.

FOCUS: 4 Steps to Successful Onboarding

1. Pre-boarding: Elevating the Onboarding Experience – Unleashing Your New Employee’s Potential from Day One
2. Personalization: New Employee Success – Personalizing their Professional Career Path
3. Socialization: Beyond Colleagues – Building Bonds in the Workplace
4. Integration Mastery: Shaping Employees Journey Beyond Onboarding


1. Addressing 7 Onboarding Challenges
2. Preventing High Employee Turnover
3. 4 steps to Successful Onboarding
4. Case Studies
5. Linking New Employee Retention to the Bottom-Line

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Feb 22 2024


10:00 am

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