Igniting Innovation

The Igniting Innovation course follows a systematic innovation roadmap to identify areas of opportunity that lead to stronger business performance. Together, we will learn how to scope opportunities, generate novel and unusual ideas, analyze the most promising concepts, develop robust solutions, and test the end product or process. This course offers you the opportunity to work on real business challenges that are relevant in the marketplace alongside a seasoned expert. With a hands-on applied focus, this course teaches concepts of human-centered design and the innovation process in a workshop environment that focuses on redefining innovation from a black area to a systematic problem-solving science.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Solve business problems using a variety of innovation and design tools.
  • Understand how the outputs of some tools flow as inputs into other tools along the chain of innovation and design.
  • Identify unarticulated customer needs and get to the heart of your innovation and design dilemmas.
  • Discover alternative solutions using innovative problem-solving tools.
  • Develop ideas into solutions and demonstrate success with prototyping and piloting.
  • Apply a roadmap for innovation and design to solve business problems with measurable success.


Pre-class reading assignment

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who needs an innovative approach to problem-solving, or to new product, process or service design.
  • Expert problem solvers and Lean Six Sigma practitioners who desire more knowledge, skills and tools.
  • Candidates enrolled in the Lean Methods Group Master Black Belt or Lean Master program.
  • Professionals in R&D, product development, product management and marketing.

To be eligible to obtain CEUs

Participants must attend all instructor-led sessions and fully contribute to all instructional activities.

Course Schedule:


February 1 – 2

February 22 – 23

March 14 – 15


0900 – 1300 EST, 1500 – 1900 CET


Feb 01 2024 - Mar 15 2024

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