Fireside Chat: Accelerating New Product Introduction through Agile Sprints, Phase Gate Discipline & SAFe®

The global pandemic has accelerated our interconnected world to magnify the need for innovative speed. While there are new and sophisticated digital techniques to accelerate the innovation cycle, these novel techniques are not effective unless a strong foundation of fundamental practices is in place.

Accelerating New Product Introduction is achieved by leveraging and deploying tools and methods in the right order at the right time.

Please join us to discuss discovering synergies among Agile Sprints, Phase Gate Discipline & SAFe® for New Product Introduction (NPI).

► Mark Sneeringer,: Continuous Improvement Consultant, SigMax-NH
► Phil Samuel: Managing Partner, Lean Methods Group
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group

With Agile Expert Guest Panelist:
► Shawn Yates: Associate Principal Expert Siemens Management Consulting

The focus of this webinar series has been accelerating New Product and Service Development to drive marketplace competitiveness.

Through the past six webinars, we have shared powerful approaches to accelerate rapid New Product Development.

We look forward to an interactive webinar, consisting of audience Polling Questions, in an effort to help you increase your speed to market with profitable growth products and services.

Interactive Fireside Chat Topics
2. IDEATION: Iterative Agile Sprints to Eliminate Uncertainty
3. EXECUTION: Disciplined Phase Gate for Fast Product | Service Realization
4. SYNERGY: Gaining Synergies to Unleash Speed to Market


Dec 09 2021


Online (Zoom Webinar)
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