Fireside Chat: 3 Key Insights to Generate New Product Introduction Speed through Digital Transformation

The global pandemic has disrupted many traditional business processes, heightening the need to accelerate new product/service development methods.

Accelerating New Product Introduction is achieved by leveraging and deploying tools and methods in the right order at the right time.

Please join us to discuss three key insights to generate speed within New Product Introduction (NPI) through Digital Transformation.

► Mark Sneeringer, SigMax-NH
► Phil Samuel: Author and Innovation Expert
► Hosni Adra: Managing Partner, CreateASoft
► Wayne Forgesson, CEO, Signal
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group

The focus of this webinar series has been accelerating New Product and Service Development to drive marketplace competitiveness.

We have shared powerful approaches to accelerate New Product Development through the past six webinars.

We look forward to an interactive fireside chat, consisting of audience Polling Questions, to help you increase your speed to market with profitable growth products and services.

Reference Webinar: NPI Speed and Resiliency (Webinar 3) – Generating Speed through Digitalization (W27) at

Interactive Fireside Chat Topics

1. Modeling is Easier and more Impactful with Digital Tools – Real-Time Digital Twin Simulation before you build your processes and products
2. There are many ways to Digitally Touch Customers in the Ideation Phase – Virtual and Digital Sentiment Analysis – Kano on Steroids!
3. The Complexities of a Digital Design Process do need not to be foreboding – Tools are Available today to help you do the Right Actions

We look forward to your participation!

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Feb 10 2022


12:00 pm

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