Digital Twin Demonstration: SKU, Consumables & Tooling Flow Data-Driven Digital Twin™

In these uncertain and competitive times, it is essential to develop a digital strategy that rapidly aligns operations to the latest cutting-edge technology to make timely, informed decisions. The development of a Dynamic Data-Driven Digital Twin™ (DDDT™) drives increased visibility and productivity.

Industry 4.0 Digital transformation Statistics
► While 52% of companies plan to cut or defer investments because of COVID-19, just 9% will make those cuts in digital transformation. (PwC)
► 45% of companies reporting a positive business impact of digital transformation also reported higher net revenue growth. (Deloitte)
► Most companies are using technology to modernize their existing business model instead of transforming it. (Forrester)

Please join us as we focus on delivering real-time dynamic activity execution
► Hosni Adra: Managing Partner, CreateASoft
► Chip Dreier: Founder, President, Wisers
► Jim de Vries: Founder, Managing Partner, Enhance International Group

The Accelerating Industry 4.0 Webinar Series focuses on implementing Digitalization with a streamlined, proven approach. Understanding that facilities have limited resources to forge a digital transformation, we will demonstrate that Digital Transformation can be performed without disrupting day-to-day operations. Our accelerated approach seamlessly integrates your current workflow processes from manufacturing/operations, logistics to supply chain.

1. Roadmap to Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Review
2. Data-Driven Digital Twin™ Overview
3. Digital-twins Hands-on Training Demo
– Value Stream, Piece-Flow, Consumables & Tooling
4. 30-Days Digital Visibility | 90-Days to Real-Time Prescriptive Process Control

We look forward to an interactive webinar, consisting of audience Polling Questions, in an effort to help you increase your speed to realizing Industry 4.0.


Jan 18 2022


Online (Zoom Webinar)
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