Digital Decarbonization for Profitable Net-Zero Transition Webinar

As managing climate change issues became has become a mainstream business practices, there is no doubt in the minds of corporate leaders that climate change issues should be a top priority agenda in corporate boardrooms now. However, it is still challenging to integrate climate change considerations fully into business practices due to the difference in time frame of shorter-term return for financial performance and longer-term return for climate change management performance. Thus, top executives usually tend to give weight to the shorter-term financial metrics in trade-offs between financial and climate change management performance.

Digital decarbonization enables digital sustainability for optimal use of digital technology to secure competitiveness, growth, and positive environmental/social impact. Digital decarbonization makes it possible to develop innovative business models for profitable carbon net-zero transition. Execution of the digital decarbonization enables balancing growth – balancing financial and climate change management goals simultaneously.

1. Climate change & carbon net-zero management imperatives
2. Digital decarbonization technology, frameworks, business models
3. Profitable carbon net-zero transition implementation


Mar 03 2022

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