Course Category: Management Considerations for Implementing Data Initiatives

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When considering the governance of data and business analytics , organizations need to define where the responsibility and expertise resides for:

  • ultimate strategic authority on informational assets
  • tactical and operational management of these assets
  • investment and sourcing decisions for deploying data initiatives
  • achieving organizational data success/value from these initiatives
  • ensuring data security/privacy compliance
  • creating innovative data-driven products and services

The key is for executives to consider data as an asset – to determine how best to manage it, to exploit its potential, as we would with any other asset. How should it be acquired, stored, maintained and put to work. Recognizing the importance of IT and non-IT organizations working collaboratively is essential.

Identifying the options that managers (in particular CEOs and CIOs) have available to address these important questions is fundamental? Business Schools around the world are manufacturing Masters Degrees in analytics as fast as possible. Senior managers will attend seminars and read reports such as those mentioned above to keep up with these important trends. Students undertaking MBAs will no doubt find a minor in this area. However, for the vast majority of IT and non-IT managers, something else is needed. In essence flexible programs addressing the technical, business, management, industry, and organizational considerations are key.

To t his end the Global Institute for IT Management (GIIM) has developed two 4-course certificate programs to address these important considerations. One ( Deploying Analytics ) is similar to any university IT analytics programs that are being offered; albeit with a stronger focus on industry and practical considerations. This (the second) Managing Data as an Asset Certificate focuses on the leadership, management, and industry skills necessary to leverage this important new technology; how to derive value from data.

What are the course requirements for the certificate?

Each certificate/certification requires a passing grade for each of the 4 courses ($750 per course):

  • Managing IT Resources

This course takes a comprehensive information and resource perspective of business strategy by addressing the strategic, tactical, and operational roles and responsibilities across the business for managing data as a strategic business asset.

  • Build/Manage the Data/Analytics Organization

This course addresses the organizational elements of the Data and Business Analytics (including cognitive computing and robotics process automation) functions by focusing on the management, structural/reporting, and human resource/skills considerations of data and business analytics.

  • Aligning Data/Analytics With the Business

This courses focus on how to get the entire business effectively engaged to take full advantage of data, business analytics, and cognitive computing initiatives.

  • Select At Least One (1) From The Following:
    1. Managing Emerging IT
      This course focuses on the current and emerging data and business analytics tools, approaches, and related technologies (e.g., cloud, legacy services, data security/privacy, social media/networks, internet of things, mobile applications, cognitive computing, crowd-sourcing, standards), and how they can be integrated and leveraged.
    2. Managing Blockchain Initiatives
      The purpose of this course is to prepare IT and non-IT managers for creating effective Blockchain strategies and plans that leverage Blockchain for competitive advantage.
    3. Managing AI Initiatives
      The purpose of this course is to prepare IT and non-IT managers for creating effective AI strategies and plans that leverage AI and Cognitive Computing for competitive advantage.

No doubt the Global Institute for IT Management will be just one of many bodies offering education in data and business analytics. However GIIM brings to the table a selection of exemplary IS academics (from multiple leading universities, where Masters Degrees are also available) and practitioners from around the world with a wealth of experience in executive education, information technology, design and business analytics, as well as a strong industry focus geared for IT and non-IT executives. In addition, GIIM provides a certificate addressing the technical data/analytics responsibilities and a second (the one described here) addressing the management data/analytics responsibilities.

Recognizing that some candidates will have a technical background while others a more business background, candidates should also consider courses from the Deploying Business Analytics Certificate, IT in Industry Certificates, IT Security Management Certificate, and IT in Marketing Certificate. Candidates should have completed the course Data Management & Warehouse Considerations (The second course in the Deploying Big Data/Business Intelligence/Knowledge Management Certificate) and The Essentials of Data Management course or have the equivalent experience prior to taking this certificate.

The courses in this certificate will focus on strategic data management matters such as governance, organizational/reporting, sourcing (including skills and human resources), security, legal, and building an integrated IT-business data strategy (including data, analytics, cognitive computing, robotics process automation, blockchain, legacy systems, etc.), as well as considerations for effectively starting/introducing a technology versus scaling up the use of the technology. It is intended for experienced IT and non-IT executives.

Each online course, offered by GIIM, is 30-40 hours of class time.

Pricing Note: The tuition/fee for each course is $750 US; and the entire 4-course Certificate is $3,000 US. You only pay for one course at a time.
Face-to-Face training and Blended options are also available at a different rate. Kindly contact us for more details.

*ICCP Certificate Registration Fee: $299 per candidate successfully completing the 4-course GIIM Certificate

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Management Considerations for Implementing Data Initiatives

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