Course Category: Lean Six Sigma, Standard LSS

Course Format: Face-to-face, Online, Virtual

Course Solution: Process

Lean Methods has designed the Fast-Track Green Belt Program to give you the opportunity to certify with the same rigor of the traditional Green Belt Program and with the same high quality content, but at an accelerated rate. Through blended learning, (instructor-led live virtual training and state of the art e-learning), personalized project coaching by a Lean Methods’ Master Black Belt, and an assigned project, we give you more than the usual set of tools to set you up for success.

Following the disciplined Six Sigma DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) road map, this course teaches you how to collect and analyze performance data, identify inefficiencies and problems, pinpoint root causes, and institute new protocols to greatly improve processes. In addition to teaching the complementary methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma, this course also provides skills in leading teams through the process of change.

Course Category:
Lean Six Sigma, Standard LSS

Course Format:
Face-to-face, Online, Virtual

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Course Modules

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

   Module Duration: 50 min

Appropriate for all levels of the organization, this introductory course provides a high-level overview of the fundamental concepts of Lean Six Sigma. It describes the Lean Six Sigma methodology, the role of a Lean Six Sigma Belt, and what it takes to create a successful Lean Six Sigma culture.

Introduction to Lean

   Module Duration: 41 min

This introductory course provides a high-level, interactive overview of the fundamental concepts of Lean, including the elimination of organizational waste and the identification of value add activities.

Project Scoping

   Module Duration: 82 min

In order to be successful, projects must be properly scoped to the right level of complexity before being handed over to a Lean Six Sigma team.

High-Level Process Maps

   Module Duration: 24 min

In this module, students are introduced to high-level process maps, specifically Macro Maps and SIPOC Diagrams. Coverage includes the purpose of each map, the steps necessary to create each map, and a demonstration of how to apply each map.

Leading and Communicating Change

   Module Duration: 9 min

This module introduces change management tools that can aid project leaders in leading and communicating change. Some of the topics include the Change Process Model and how the Change Process relates to a project.

Creating Awareness

   Module Duration: 8 min

In this module you will learn how you can create awareness for the change you want to implement, the dynamics of change, and some typical change patterns.