Course Category: Innovation & Strategy

Course Format: Face-to-face, Virtual

Course Solution: Process

The Innovation and Design Thinking course follows a systematic innovation roadmap, as featured in the best-selling book, “The Innovator’s Toolkit”, to identify intractable problems or unmet needs, generate novel and unusual ideas, analyze the most promising concepts, develop robust solutions, and test the end product or process.

You’ll learn a broad set of thinking skills within a complete roadmap that takes you from problem identification through ideation to implementation and finally commercialization (when appropriate).

This course offers you the opportunity to work on real business challenges with guidance from the innovation experts behind The Innovator’s Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth. As a participant, you’ll learn the authors’ unique approach for innovating and designing new products, services, processes and business models.

With a hands-on, applied focus, this course teaches innovation and design thinking in a workshop environment that focuses on redefining innovation from a black area to a systematic problem-solving science.

Course Category:
Innovation & Strategy

Course Format:
Face-to-face, Virtual

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Course Modules

Introduction to Innovation

   Module Duration: 23 min

In this introductory course, students will learn why innovation is critical to the long-term success of their business. They will also learn the key principles of innovation and how it works with existing process improvement programs.

Job to be Done

   Module Duration: 20 min

The innovation “job to be done” is the key to fulfilling client needs. In this course, students will learn how to identify and understand the jobs their customers want done, as well as a process to articulate those desires.

Job Scoping

   Module Duration: 11 min

In this course on Job Scoping, the student will learn how to use the Job Scoping template to either broaden or narrow the focus of their innovation effort.

Outcome Expectations

   Module Duration: 15 min

“Outcome expectations” are the expectations that surround an innovation “job to be done.” In this course, students will learn how to identify the outcome expectations for a specific job to be done, how to measure importance and satisfaction for outcome expectations and how to calculate and prioritize new opportunities that are the result of understanding outcome expectations.

Brainstorming Techniques

   Module Duration: 37 min

Brainstorming is one of the key tools used to generate ideas and solutions. In this course, students will learn about six types of brainstorming techniques: Imaginary Brainstorming, HIT Matrix, Concept Tree, SCAMPER, Brainwriting 6-3-5 and Random Stimulus.

Nine Windows

   Module Duration: 14 min

This module on the Nine Windows technique teaches you how to use the Nine Windows template to view your innovation opportunity from the different dimensions of time and space.

Provocation and Movement

   Module Duration: 26 min

Provocation and Movement is designed to shock people out of their standard pattern of thinking. This course will demonstrate the Provocation and Movement technique and provide the steps necessary to conduct it within a team.