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Lean is much more than a set of tools.  It is a methodology that draws in
the entire organization to improve the way it creates value for the customer.  This course is
specifically designed to allow every employee to be an engaged and active part of any lean

Course Category:
Additional Courses, Lean

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Course Modules

Introduction to Lean

   Module Duration: 41 min

This introductory course provides a high-level, interactive overview of the fundamental concepts of Lean, including the elimination of organizational waste and the identification of value add activities.

Current State Value Stream Maps

   Module Duration: 41 min

This course explains a primary Lean concept, value stream mapping, and its role in identifying waste in and between processes. The course reviews an 8-step process for creating a value stream map and discusses the analysis techniques used to interpret the data.

Future State Value Stream Maps

   Module Duration: 29 min

This module explains the concept of a “future state” value stream map. It discusses how to design the future, or ideal, state of a process take time. It also describes methods to achieve the future state, including spaghetti diagrams, cellular layout, 5S, and visual controls.


   Module Duration: 39 min

This module introduces the concept of Flow, which is the balancing of internal resources to meet external demand. Topics include Takt Time, Cycle Time, Lead Time, Work Flow Balance, Standard Work and Cellular Design.


   Module Duration: 32 min

This module defines the Lean concept of Pull, and how to build a Pull system to regulate the flow of production. As part of the discussion, it covers how to calculate lead time and work-in-process, Little’s Law, and Kanban.

Mistake Proofing

   Module Duration: 25 min

Mistake proofing is based on the concept that errors can be avoided if the appropriate mistake proofing techniques are used. This module reviews the techniques that can be used to mistake proof a process as well as the eight behaviors that lead to mistakes.