Course Category: Innovation & Strategy, Lean Six Sigma, New Product & Service Development, Six Sigma

Course Format: Face-to-face

Course Solution: Process

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Black Belt is an expert level course to train participants to an in-depth level on the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) DIDOV methodology:

  • Define:  determine the right development project to undertake
  • Identify:  Establish customer and user needs and translate them into project requirements/specifications (Y’s)
  • Design:  Select the best design concept and determine critical design factors (x’s) and their relationships to the Y’s.  Predict process capabilities
  • Optimize:  Identify gaps between the predicted and desired performance of the Y’s and optimize process capabilities to meet requirements
  • Verify:  Demonstrate the ability of the product to meet requirements and establish process control plans

The DFSS method is useful for developing products, services, and processes.  It is applicable when something new must be created or significantly improved, going beyond getting a current process under control.  After training, participants will be able to lead DFSS application to complex development projects and coach development team members on the DFSS method and tools.

The course uses lectures, examples, exercises, and student projects to facilitate understanding and provide practice with the methodology.  Participants are expected to have an identified project to which they will apply the learnings immediately after training. The training project is an important element of the learning and should be selected and approved by leadership and the instructor before registration is complete.

Target Audience

Leaders and individual contributors expected to lead development projects and to teach/coach people in new product/service/process development.  Full project teams will also benefit from this in-depth training on DFSS.  While DFSS training is effective without prerequisites, prior Lean Six Sigma DMAIC training is useful.

The course is designed to be delivered to a group of students from a single organization.  Optimal group size is 15-25 participants.  Open enrollment classes for individuals do not exist at this time.

Course Details

DFSS Black Belt is delivered in three 4 day in-person sessions usually separated by 4 to 6 weeks.  The time between training weeks is used by the students to advance their projects.  Follow-up with the instructor continues for up to 3 months while the projects are under way. 

  • Agenda:  The training covers Design for Six Sigma and certain DMAIC elements that are useful in a development environment.  Change Management and Project Management topics are included at a foundation level to allow Black Belts to be effective leaders in a Continuous Improvement initiative.  It is organized around the DIDOV structure.  Specific topics and tools include:

  • Training Materials:  Training materials will be provided as hard copies and are priced at $700 per student.  The full DFSS Black Belt materials are covered in a set of 8.5 x 11 spiral bound books that include presentation slides with notes, examples, exercises, and task lists.  Templates, data files and calculation worksheets will be provided in electronic form. The student is responsible for obtaining licenses for MiniTab or Sigma Magic statistical analysis software.  Sigma Magic can be bundled with the training materials at a discounted license price.  MiniTab offers a training license that is less expensive than their full license.  A decision to purchase full MiniTab licenses can be made after the class.
  • Expenses:  Travel and living expenses will be billed at actual costs.

Contact Information

Mark Sneeringer, SigMax-NH LLC


Phone:  +1-518-477-0050

Course Category:
Innovation & Strategy, Lean Six Sigma, New Product & Service Development, Six Sigma

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