Course Category: Technical Considerations for Data Initiatives

Course Format: Online

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While it is important to understand how to leverage your organizations data/information assets (from marketing to research to talent analytics), IT and business partners must effectively work together to recognize what questions need to be asked. This certificate combines the technical, managerial, and industry skills necessary to deploy this important new technology. Based on the candidates background and anticipated engagement in BI, this program can help prepare the novice or expand the knowledge of an experienced BI professional; as well as the non-IT executive interested in understanding how to leverage this important technology.

The Global Institute for IT Management (GIIM) has developed two 4-course certificate programs to address these important considerations. One, Deploying Analytics (described here) is similar to many university IT analytics programs that are being offered; albeit with a stronger focus on industry and practical considerations. The second, Managing Data as an Asset Certificate, focuses on the leadership, management, and industry skills necessary to leverage these important new technologies; how to derive value from data.

The courses in this certificate will address the technical considerations for implementing and integrating the information technologies that are required to have a successful/valuable big data/business analytics/knowledge management strategy across the enterprise, including robotics process automation, Cognitive Computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, IoT (internet of things), Bring-Your-Own-Infrastructure, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Business Analytics, and Cloud), and security.

What are the course requirements for the certificate?

Each certificate/certification requires a passing grade for each of the 4 courses ($750 per course):

  • Build/Manage the Data/Analytics Organization

This course addresses the organizational elements of the Data and Business Analytics (including cognitive computing and robotics process automation) functions by focusing on the management, structural/reporting, and human resource/skills considerations of data and business analytics.

  • Managing the Data Transformation

This course addresses the business digital transformation underway that are being driven/enabled by the changes in design and management of data for business intelligence/business analytics (BI/BA) and cognition systems as enterprises evolve to leveraging Big Data (and Internet of Things).

  • Analytics, Applications & Techniques

This course will focus on providing candidates with a well-grounded understanding and appreciation of the contemporary methods, tools and techniques used to make analytics an integral part of managerial decision making.

  • Select At Least One (1) From The Following:
    1. Knowledge & Discovery Approaches
      This course follows the Analytics Applications and Techniques Course, and will focus on the hands-on application of data mining, text mining, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and big data products/tools/software in solving real world business and operational problems.
    2. Deploying Blockchain Technologies
      This foundational technical course will enable IT candidates to understand the essential concepts of the distributed ledger, relevant Blockchain terminology, real world Blockchain use cases, and technology management considerations for carrying out Blockchain projects.
    3. Deploying AI Technologies
      This foundational technical course will enable candidates to understand the essential concepts for implementing AI initiatives.

Each online course, offered by GIIM, is 30-40 hours of class time.

Pricing Note: The tuition/fee for each course is $750 US; and the entire 4-course Certificate is $3,000 US. You only pay for one course at a time.
Face-to-Face training and Blended options are also available at a different rate. Kindly contact us for more details.

*ICCP Certificate Registration Fee: $299 per candidate successfully completing the 4-course GIIM Certificate

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Technical Considerations for Data Initiatives

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