Course Category: Supply Chain

Course Format: Face-to-face, Online, Virtual

Course Solution: Process

Just because you know how to bend metal or mix ingredients, does it mean you understand scheduling production and just because you understand production scheduling, doesn’t mean you fully understand manufacturing. Success comes from a blend of the two so a person can see how the whole manufacturing and supply chain dynamics weave together and interact. Only in CPIA do we have them coming together. CPIA covers not only an Introduction to Manufacturing, but covers Operations Management, Materials Management, but manufacturing itself, manufacturing processes, and as well, manufacturing support processes. And it does it in a way that feels like you’re right there. It is the only course I’ve seen that puts this combination together. It’s made for the person who wants to learn and lead a manufacturing group.

In addition, you will demonstrate your ability to implement the knowledge gained from the certification via your play of The Fresh Connection where you will improve and save a manufacturing company by making decisions that align with and support the supply chain strategy. Upon completion you will receive a write up of your play in the simulation that you can carry with you as demonstration of your ability to apply your certification learning.


  • The importance of manufacturing
  • How Operations is the coordinating function of manufacturing
  • Planning and scheduling priorities in manufacturing
  • Determining and controlling capacities in manufacturing
  • Materials Management from an information standpoint
  • Materials Management from a physical standpoint
  • Technologies and strategies of manufacturing
  • Processes and materials in manufacturing
  • Key supporting manufacturing functions
  • The importance of improving manufacturing continuously

Course Category:
Supply Chain

Course Format:
Face-to-face, Online, Virtual

Course Solution:

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Course Modules

Introduction To Manufacturing And Operations Management

   Module Duration: 8 hours

Business Formation and Business Strategy

Business Functions and Activities


Supply Chains and Customer Service

Operations Planning And Scheduling

   Module Duration: 8 hours

Forecasting and Demand Management

Planning and Scheduling

Materials Planning

Capacity Planning

Materials Management

   Module Duration: 8 hours

Purchasing, and Warehousing

Inventory Management and Materials Handling

Transportation and Distribution

Manufacturing And Manufacturing Processes

   Module Duration: 8 hours

Manufacturing and Technology

Manufacturing Strategies

Types of Production

Manufacturing Processing, & Manufacturing Materials

Manufacturing And Operations Support Functions

   Module Duration: 8 hours

Industrial Engineering and Productivity Improvement

Quality, Inspection, Metrology, & Maintenance

Lean and Waste Management

Continuous Improvement