Course Category: Change Leadership

Course Format: Face-to-face, Online, Virtual

Course Solution: Process

Advancing a business requires significant change. Many corporate leaders, while well-versed in the more technical skills of implementing a new initiative, aren’t as well-versed in the psychology of change and the process to lead and sustain it.

This five-day Change Leadership course helps you become a stronger and more capable change leader—providing all the knowledge, tools, skills and coaching you need to lead change in your organization. This course focuses on the specific actions and behaviors you’ll need to perform as you lead or participate in change initiatives in your company.

Course Category:
Change Leadership

Course Format:
Face-to-face, Online, Virtual

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Course Modules

Preparing to Manage Change

   Module Duration: 19 min

The human aspect of leading a project is often much more challenging than the technical aspect. This course discusses how to manage the human aspect of change, the role of the project leader in leading change, and how to identify and manage stakeholders.

Leading and Communicating Change

   Module Duration: 9 min

This module introduces change management tools that can aid project leaders in leading and communicating change. Some of the topics include the Change Process Model and how the Change Process relates to a project.

Creating Awareness

   Module Duration: 8 min

In this module you will learn how you can create awareness for the change you want to implement, the dynamics of change, and some typical change patterns.

Shaping a Vision / Mission

   Module Duration: 14 min

The course explores how to create a vision that inspires stakeholders to implement change and the tools and techniques that can help a project leader define their vision clearly.

Building Commitment

   Module Duration: 32 min

This course focuses on the “people” challenges project leaders face when implementing a change initiative. The course includes tools and techniques to address these challenges and explores the different types of resistance to change.

Keeping Change Momentum

   Module Duration: 9 min

In this module, project leaders learn how to keep change momentum going. Learners are introduced to the Force Field Analysis tool which helps to assess the introduced changes and helps the project leader to implement the correct processes to make sure your overall change is sustained.

Making Change Last

   Module Duration: 7 min

In this course project leaders learn the key to making change last is continuous measurement and review. This course also discusses stakeholder management and how it can help to reduce risk.

Building Teams

   Module Duration: 24 min

Focused on team building and managing teams, this module includes the following topics: stages of team development, using the appropriate tools to build a team, managing meetings effectively, and basic facilitation techniques.