Let Us Grow Your Business Together

Personal Message From Jim de Vries, Founder of EIG Consulting

Are you a mid-market company that is looking to grow in the near term?

If you are aiming to scale your company to a 7-figure business or beyond in the near term, then read on because I have something very important to share with you.

Over the last 25 years, the EIG team has helped over a thousand professionals and business owners just like you catapult their growth and outperform competitors in their industries.

Here are some of our clients:

Our team is comprised of the best and brightest business strategists in their fields and are ready to take your business to the next level.

Together, we will do that by arming you with our highly-sought after, time tested-and-proven strategies so that you won’t just win small battles…

But to win the war.

Our goal is to show you exactly what we can do for you, and to help you find the right talent and network for your business needs.

And we will do that during our free consultation session.

During this session, you will get a business strategy blueprint that you can immediately take and implement in your business.

We are going to personally help you create a strategic business plan that will give you results right away.

Together, we will discover how to:

  • Grow your revenue fast by streamlining productivity, optimizing risk exposure and how to manage it, and, more crucially, how to enable change to enhance your business
  • Reduce unnecessary business costs to increase overall profit by uncovering the areas where your business is losing money
  • Increase your profit margin by looking into price positioning, marketing systems, and customer acquisition…as well as how to bring in “back-end” profits

We want to learn about your business and underlying needs so we can assemble the right team to serve you.

Here’s Some of the Things We Will Investigate Together:

Company Culture

The unspoken rules of internal communication practices starts with the communication between each of us from the ground-level on up to the top of the organization. How we interact with each other creates the foundation of how you execute efficiently and effectively. Most productivity problems, I have found, comes from a misalignment of each other’s expectations.

Business Strategies

Your marketing strategies and systems are a key component to your company’s survival. Without planned marketing leads and executed sales to your target margin, margin growth cannot gain momentum. Without healthy revenue, the company cannot scale fast enough. Revenue cannot outpace margin loss. Therefore, keeping focused on core competencies and understanding when to stretch and when to hold back is key to a sound executed marketing strategy.


Ideas are only as good as how well they’re being executed. We will go deep into your processes from beginning to end. But more than that, we will take a look at how efficient your execution strategies are being performed.


Your business will only be able to move forward when you have great leaders in place. With great people at the top who are able to inspire and motivate their people. Most importantly, when you have those who lead by example, there is no reason why your business won’t soar.

At EIG, we do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to business. This means, that while the fundamentals are still the same, each business faces its own unique problems.

Understanding that, we will draw on our vast experiences and expertise to pin-point the exact issues and come up with your detailed tailored execution plan.

We’ll collaborate with you to find the right path and strategy, based on your past successes.

And You Can Take this Execution Plan and Implement it Immediately

When companies are looking to improve performance, they sometimes have a difficult time on developing a place to start. Or they start and restart every year. Since the company’s initiatives/programs are not aligned with a sustainable strategy, this puts them in a deeper hole – chasing monthly/quarterly targets with no end in sight.

To optimize the transformation endeavor, an “outside perspective” can often provide an unbiased view to develop potential growth opportunities to overcome paradigms. As the saying goes: “if one cannot see the forest for the trees”.

EIG’s goal is to collaborate with you to address your challenges that arise from transformation and change efforts (internal or external). With a fresh and honest perspective, we work with you to discover you the right processes and talent to address your business needs. We believe that it all starts with people (people, process, data, and technology) to gain 80% growth by focusing on 20% of your opportunities.

If You Want To Collaborate To Skyrocket Your Business, Then Here’s What You Can Do Next

We will need to proceed and arrange a phone call to start getting you amazing results.

Here’s how it works:

First, please complete the online form below.

The more details you provide (e.g., business, industry, focus areas) the better we can prepare for your call.

After that, one of our team members or I will contact you to set up a time and date for our complimentary assessment.

This is when we will drill down into your challenges and identify improvement areas to build your margin growth roadmap.

This consultation is a collaboration between the team and you

Our core team has seasoned professionals who have decades of experience in transforming, growing, and scaling companies. Furthermore, we have a global service provider network ready to fulfil your talent needs.

EIG’s principle is to ensure your success and work ourselves out of a job. We would appreciate the opportunity to set up a phone or discussion with you to understand what your underlying needs are so we can best serve you.

Please complete the form below to initiate building margin growth momentum to the next level.


Jim de Vries