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SXS Business Consulting is a family owned consulting company offering a variety of consulting services.

List of Product/Service Offerings:

Internal control (SOX) 

  • Over the past 10 years, a number of major scandals have been exposed at U.S. companies. Perhaps the most famous is the Enron affair. The company was declared bankrupt after it was discovered that management had systematically falsified the earnings reports for several years. Among other things, a large number of companies had been set up in various tax havens and then shoveled money between them to hide the actual losses. The scandal led two U.S. senators, Sarbanes and Oxley, to pass a bill passed by the Senate and House of Representatives and finally approved by President Bush in June 2002. The new law applies to companies listed on U.S. exchanges, including their subsidiaries worldwide. 
  • Following similar scandals in different countries, other countries have also implemented tougher legislation. Examples of this are J-SOX in Japan, the Corporate Governance Code in Sweden and specific EU directives. To meet the requirements of these rules, the basic steps are the same as in a SOX project. This also applies to those companies/organizations that voluntarily choose to tighten their procedures without being forced by laws and regulations. As with all other change projects, the following steps are included in a SOX project: Analysis – Decision – Implementation – Follow-up 
  • The initial analysis/mapping of current processes and procedures shows where changes must be made to meet SOX requirements. This can involve changing manual methods, implementing better IT systems, adding different control functions, training staff, tightening security regulations, or otherwise reducing the risk of inaccuracies due to carelessness, ignorance, or deliberate fraud. To best ensure that the company is 100% working according to the new requirements, it is necessary to start an analysis and change process that covers all parts of the business as soon as possible. Our concept covers all these elements and includes a detailed project methodology that effectively helps management meet the requirements. 
  • Feel free to contact us for more information! We are happy to stand up for an unbiased discussion about how we can drive a change process together. If you wish, we can give examples of how we have worked in previous SOX projects and how our experiences from these projects can help you in your work. 

How to do business with China (including Hong Kong), Malaysia and Indonesia 

  • For companies wishing to trade with China or establish themselves in China, SXS can offer professional help. From our offices in Beijing and Hong Kong we can assist you with analyzing the Chinese market, selecting partners and advice regarding working in China. 
  • We can also offer China seminars in Europe or in China. Our consultants speak fluently English, Swedish, and Chinese and have over 20 years of experience in China. 
  • We can also offer similar services for Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our consultants have experience of working in these countries and we also have local partners. 

Organization development 

  • Our consultants have many years of experience in organizational development in mainly large listed companies in Sweden and abroad. Among other things, we can help with mergers of companies to develop the best of different business cultures. 
  • Furthermore, we can adapt our customers’ operations to achieve the desired goals optimally. 

Comprehensive Cost-cut 

  • After many years of experience from different types of change projects, especially in SOX and Internal Control, we have discovered the great potential for simplification, rationalization, and reduction of costs in all companies and organizations. With this as a background, we have developed our concept Comprehensive Cost Cut (CCC). Within the framework of CCC, we review the customer’s current processes and procedures. This work is very similar to the fundamental analysis that is included as the first step in a SOX project. The main difference is that the goal within SOX is to improve control, while the focus of CCC is to streamline operations and reduce costs. 
  • After the initial analysis, we will develop alternative proposals, all aimed at reducing costs without necessarily reducing internal control. The recommendations can be of various kinds, e.g., changed manual routines, improved or new IT systems, training, reorganization, etc.m. After deciding what changes to make, we will also help introduce the new processes, routines and IT systems. In a CCC project, we review the customer’s most important functions such as: Sales, Purchasing, Accounting/reporting, Staff, IT, R&D, Logistics, Production 
  • For our experienced consultants, we usually charge an hourly fee. Since we are so confident that we can achieve savings that are several times greater than our consulting fees, we are also prepared to offer to work for a very low price plus part of the savings made. 

CFO/Controller for hire 

  • For those companies/organizations that have a temporary need for experienced, qualified economists, we can offer them at a competitive price. All our consultants have a master’s degree in business administration and many years of experience from various line positions such as Accounting Manager, CFO, CFO, etc.m. Some also have many years of experience in evaluating, purchasing and implementing various financial systems such as Scala, SAP, Movex, and others. All our consultants speak Swedish and English, but we also have people with knowledge of Finnish, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Chinese. 
  • According to the customer’s wishes, we can offer an hourly rate, daily rate or fixed monthly price for all our financial consultants. We can also help in the recruitment process in cases where the customer wants a permanent solution. 
  • In addition to the above-mentioned qualified economists, we can also offer staff with experience from accounting, registration of supplier invoices, etc.m. We have a wide network within the Nordic countries, Germany, Holland and England. 

IT development and support 

  • SXS Business Consulting can help with any IT-related issue. We have consultants in areas such as networks, IT security programming and implementation of financial systems and other applications. 

Value Proposition:

We right size for your future.