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Oxford, NJ, USA

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Bob Shoremount

Strandberg Consulting Group helps companies improve profitability, develop sales and marketing programs, launch new products or services, plan exit strategies, maximise RMR (recurring monthly revenue) and position for growth.

Areas Covered:

The Americas

Global Partners:

  • Ken Gould Consulting
  • Peter Raymond Consulting
  • Ray Lynn, CPA

Overall Mission Statement:

To help our clients realize their dreams. We help them develop a road map to their success and identify strategies to overcome obstacles they face on a day to day basis in the areas of sales, installation, monitoring, service, retention. We practice primarily in the electronic security and electrical fields.

List of Product/Service Offerings:

Business Coaching: Why go the trial and error route when you can get quality advice from someone who has done what you are about to do! If you are considering entering into or expanding in the electronic security marketplace, you need a sounding board and how-to advice. We provide that and more.

Business Plan Development: Whether your business ideas will require funding or not, a Business Plan will help you refine them into a comprehensive plan that will help attract the funding you may need and solidify your goals and strategies. We can provide the support you need to develop a Business Plan from concept and market analysis to start-up financials and launch. We help you get the results while you decide how much support you want.

Marketing: It starts with identifying your ideal type of client and then locating them and getting your message to them. We can provide develop a marketing strategy that increases your RMR and increase your company value. If you have been relying on word of mouth for new business, you may be missing the boat. Call StrandbergConsulting today to find out how we can help you increase sales. Even in this economy, if you are not experiencing significant year over year growth, your marketing strategy should be reviewed.

Acquisitions: Thinking about buying a competitor or entering a new market? Acquisitions offer a great opportunity to increase your customer base, add to your recurring monthly revenue, add to your workforce and footprint if done right! We can help bring opportunities your way and help determine if a particular opportunity is the right fit for your business expansion.

Planning for an Exit Strategy: You have probably heard this before. “The day you start your business is the day you make plans to sell your business.” Savvy business owners know that to take advantage of opportunities, you must always be ready to act. That applies to exiting too! We all like to think we know what the future holds for us but reality sometimes has other plans. Done right, an exit plan brings a tremendous amount of stability to you, your family and employees. It makes your business worth more today. Doesn’t that make more sense than scrambling to correct years of mistakes or having to accept far less than what your business could be worth?

Due Diligence: An audit of business practices, policies, systems, employees, contracts, files and financials of a company is essential when buying or selling. Whether on your own company or a potential acquisition, an objective in-depth review can be a real eye opener. At Strandberg, we evaluate a multitude of things that impact the value of your business or the business you are acquiring to uncover the hidden gems and land mines that you might not even know to look for or evaluate. Continuous changes in technology, laws, taxes and the market can have a dramatic impact on business value. If you are contemplating selling, you need to know how a potential buyer will look at and evaluate your business before you get into negotiations or even put your business on the market.

Regulatory Compliance Review: Are you fully compliant with the laws and regulations that affect your operations? Things like proper three day right of rescission, automatic renewals, do not call, email opt out provisions, advertising requirements and Licensing required standards of practice are just some of the issues we look at. If there is any question, we can refer you to a qualified industry attorney to help you mitigate these risks.

Business Process Improvement: Using Lean and Six Sigma transactional process improvement methodologies, we can help improve your business processes, suggesting changes that reduce costs while improving customers’ experiences. These proven methodologies can help add to your bottom line year after year from a modest one time investment. Six Sigma will change how you think about and make business decisions.

Training Programs: Strandberg provides a full array of technical, code and business courses that complement your business objectives and satisfy Licensing CEU requirements. We can also customize training programs for your exact business needs that will help accomplish your business objectives on your terms. Why would you settle for a program that was only 50% effective when you can get so much more for your money?

Training Courses for Practitioners in the Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm, Locksmith and Electrical Trades:

  • Continuing Education Credits to maintain your licenses 
  • Professional Development Credits for your NICET Certification 
  • License Applicant training 
  • Exam Preparation and practice tests 
  • On Line, On-Demand and In person training 
  • In House Training 

Expert Witness: Recognized by Superior Courts in NJ in the alarm and electronic security areas.

Value Proposition:

At Strandberg Consulting, We provide you with information and resources to run your business better, not just meet jurisdiction requirements.