Established: 2011

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Signal OSINT security platform is a web-based threat and risk intelligence solution. Get accurate and real-time results from online data sources including blogs, forums, social media, the deep web and the dark web to detect threats to assets, brand, and data as they are emerging.

It’s no secret the internet has changed how we communicate, collect, store, manage, and share information. What fewer people realize is how having access to this information in real time augments risk management on behalf of your community, your personnel, and your shareholders.

Since 2011, Signal has provided relevant, actionable, real-time information and tools to monitor multiple online data sources with a simple, easy-to-use interface. We empower security professionals around the world to quickly identify emerging threats, receive real-time alerts, and monitor developing situations in order to save time, save resources, protect employees, and manage operational risk.

Overall Mission Statement:

We believe gathering publicly available information revolutionizes the timeliness and ability for organizations to identify and mitigate online threats to people, business operation and assets.

List of Product/Service Offerings:

Signal OSINT software allows you to accurately and efficiently monitor the entirety of the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web in real time.

Full Open Source Intelligence including:

  • Deep and Dark Web
  • Pro-Active Alerting
  • Emotional Analysis
  • Multi-Language and Translation
  • API Integration Capabilities
  • Unlimited People

Cyber Threat Intelligence

The web contains an unprecedented amount of valuable Cyber Threat Intelligence. LERTR can help you gain information and intelligence on Cyber Security threats.

A cost-effective way to develop your cybersecurity.

  • Cyber Breach Focused
  • Pro-Active Alerting
  • Marketplaces: Discussion Forums and Messaging Apps
  • Entity Extraction
  • Flagging and Workflow

Value Proposition:

Protect Your Organizations People, Assets & Supply Chain with Actionable Information