Finally, advanced analytics software that genuinely understands process manufacturing data.

Established: 2013

1301 2nd Avenue, Suite 2850, Seattle, WA 98101


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Key contact(s):

Jim de Vries - EIG Certified Partner

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Seeq® is founded on the premise that many process manufacturing organizations are DRIP “Data Rich, Information Poor” (DRIP) and the number will increase with new sensor deployments and higher data creation rates driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). As a result, the existing need for solutions for process manufacturing companies to derive insight from their data will only become more widespread and important in the future.

Seeq’s vision is to address this requirement by closing the gap between advancements in data and computer science – big data and machine learning as examples – and the software available to engineers and plant employees, delivering innovation as features in easy to use, advanced analytics applications. In addition the Seeq vision includes the needs of whole organizations including collaboration, publishing, and IT requirements that span teams, plants, and divisions. Finally Seeq includes the flexibility of on premise or in the cloud and distributed deployments to “future proof” customer investments and accommodate organization strategies for data collection and management.

With Seeq, customers will achieve better, faster insights on their data, take action on insights more quickly and improve their production and business metrics.

Seeq is supported by a broad set of process automation vendor partnerships such as OSIsoft, Honeywell, and Siemens, and by system integrator partners for sale licensing and services around the globe. Additional partnership and licensing agreements are currently underway with other industrial automation vendors and will be announced when finalized.

Areas Covered:

Globally – 100 countries

Overall Mission Statement:

Seeq vision includes the needs of whole organizations including collaboration, publishing, and IT requirements that span teams, plants, and divisions. Finally Seeq includes the flexibility of on-premise or in the cloud and distributed deployments to “future proof” customer investments and accommodate organization strategies for data collection and management.

List of Product/Service Offerings:

Actionable insights in minutes: 

With Seeq, you and your team can rapidly investigate and share analyses from operations and manufacturing data sources to find insights and answer questions. Explicitly designed to analyze process data, Seeq works across all verticals with time-series data in historians or other storage platforms. Leveraging innovations in big data, machine learning, and web technologies, Seeq delivers easy-to-use features for your users and supports all phases of analytics from cleansing to reporting. Accelerate continuous improvement in your organization with Seeq. 

Deployment: Simple, Flexible, Scalable 

SEEQ deployment is simple, flexible, and scalable. Whether Seeq is deployed in the cloud, on premise, or in a mixed environment, Seeq connects to disparate data sources – from one or many vendors – to enable advanced analytics on process manufacturing data. With Seeq, organizations can easily connect, contextualize, calculate, and cleanse data to find insights and improve production and business outcomes. Learn more about Seeq deployment options. 

Deployment options: 

In the cloud: 

  • Seeq + AWS 
  • Seeq + Microsoft Azure 
  • Google Cloud 
  • Managed SaaS solutions: 
  • Seeq + AWS 
  • Seeq + Microsoft Azure 
  • On premise: 
  • Windows Server 
  • Linux 

SEEQ Workbench 


  • Browser-Based Application 
  • Google-Like Search 
  • Tools for Common Functions 
  • Save and Collaborate 

Time-Series Analytics 

  • Diagnostic Analytics 
  • Monitoring & Alerts 
  • Predictive Analytics 


  • Advanced Trending 
  • Bar Charts & Tables 
  • Scatterplots 
  • Treemaps 

Advanced Analytics 

  • Data Cleansing 
  • Pattern Recognition 
  • Scalable Calculations 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Connect to all of your data 
  • Easily integrate data from multiple historians, including Honeywell PHD, and GE Proficy, as well as the PI System and relational data from SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. Whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, Seeq connects to all of your data without moving or copying, so your single source of truth remains the same. Access and combine disparate data sets without writing code. Business improvement begins with data analysis. Get more value from your data with Seeq. 

SEEQ Organizer 


  • Brower-Based Application 
  • Create Reports and Web-Pages 
  • Share as URL or PDF 
  • Publish to Colleagues 


  • Embed SEEQ Analyses 
  • Charts and Graphics 
  • Scorecard and KPIs 
  • Page Breaks & Sections 

Advanced Editing 

  • Rich Text Editor 
  • Full Layout Control 
  • User-Defined Time Ranges 
  • Automate Publication 


  • Chart Link to Analyses 
  • Read-Only Exploration 
  • View on Mobile Devices 
  • Add User Comments 

SEEQ Data Lab 

Data Lab is Seeq’s application for data scientists and process engineers to access Python libraries to expand their analytics. 

Using Seeq Data Lab process engineers can expand their Seeq analytics efforts to the rich ecosystem of Python libraries and data scientists can participate directly in industrial analytics by leveraging Seeq for data access, cleansing, modeling, and other features. Seeq Data Lab is built on Jupyter Notebooks and a Seeq Python library, called SPy, to access Seeq functionality and managed by the same administration features as other Seeq applications. 


  • Browse-Based Application 
  • Jupyter Notebook 
  • SEEQ/Python (SPy) Library 

Access SEEQ Features 

  • Access Signals and Capsules 
  • Cleanse and Model Data 
  • Read/Share Signal Data 
  • Create New SEEQ Formulas 

Access any Python Library 

  • Visualization 
  • Advanced Algorithms 
  • Non-Time Series Data 
  • Custom Functions 

SEEQ Application Integration 

  • Shared Authentication 
  • Single-Level Data Security 
  • Scaled Analytics Across Assets 
  • Publish Graphics in Topics 

SEEQ CORTEX in the Cloud 

Seeq Cortex is the application server for Seeq Workbench and Organizer. Seeq Cortex may be run on premise on a desktop system or server, or to provide additional scalability, reliability, and storage capacity may be deployed in the cloud in either the customer’s tenant or as Seeq SaaS (Software as a Service) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. 


Seeq is highly extensible with data export, a rich scripting environment, access to Python Libraries with Seeq Data Lab, and a REST API. Data export options include Excel, PowerPoint, and any OData client (Tableau, PowerBI, etc.). The Seeq REST API has SDKs for programming in C#, Python, MatLab, and Java, with additional languages coming soon. 

Connect data historians, sources, and silos 

No matter where your data is or how it’s stored – on premise or in the cloud, in a historian or a SQL database, in data silos or a data lake – Seeq connects to it without duplicating or moving the data. This includes the ability to integrate data from production and business systems. For more information please visit our data connector page. 


Seeq may be set up and run on a dedicated server or virtual machine in less than an hour, depending on the tag count. On-premise installations are typically on the same network as a plant or enterprise historian; Seeq may also be deployed in the cloud on Azure or Amazon Web Services, or a mixed environment of on-premise and cloud resources.