What you don’t know about your Supply Chain, can and will hurt you!

Flemington, NJ, USA

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Key contact(s):

Greg Schlegel: Founder

Jim de Vries: COO

Irv Varkonyi: SCR&R Analyst

Dr. Robert Trent: Adviser

The Consortium consists of (30) companies, and still growing, who bring different skill sets, solutions and methodologies in an effort to Identify, Assess, Mitigate & Manage Supply Chain Risks.

Utilizing the Body of Knowledge from our new SCRM book, “Supply Chain Risk Management: An Emerging Discipline”, the Consortium provides education through Lehigh & Villanova Universities, workshops around the globe, SCRM Certificates through APICS, Leoron and a new SC-R, Supply Chain Resilience Certification with The Logistics Institute of Canada.

The Consortium provides SCRM education, Identifies and Assesses risks using Cloud-based Risk Appetite, Risk Maturity Models and Supply Chain Mapping Solutions, Mitigates risks leveraging Best Practices and Manages risks through ERM Frameworks, GRC Organizational Alignment, BCP, Scenario Playbooks and Risk Response Plans.

Areas Covered:

23 Countries

Global Partners

  • Learning Management System Courseware Partner – Edukazi
  • Licensees
  • Resellers
  • Event Planners

Overall Mission Statement:

  • Lead, Guide, Direct, and Coach Company’s SCR&R Journeys
  • Identify, Access, Mitigate and Manage Supply Chain Risks

List of Product/Service Offerings:


  • Online Training (Self-Paced):  
    • SCR&R 3 Modules (Lehigh University Certificate)  
    • Healthcare SCR&R 3 Modules (Lehigh University Certificate)  
  • Classroom and Virtual Training  
    • 1 -5 Day Tailored Workshops  
    • 3 or more Days Workshops (Lehigh University Certificate)  
    • Support other Organizations Certificates (ASCM, TLI)  
  • Workshops  
    • Awareness / Mitigation  
    • Simulations  

Assessment Tools 

  • SCM Readiness Assessment 
  • SCR&R 90-Day Assessment and Action Plan 

Consulting: Lead, Guide, Direct, and Coach 

  • SCR&R Onboarding and Getting Started 
  • SCR&R Maturity Benchmark Assessment 
  • Resl Appetite Assessment 
  • Operational Propensity Assessment 
  • SCR&R Digital Platform Specification Requirements 
  • Enterprise Risk Management Guidance 
  • Risk Identification and Assessment 
  • Supply Chain Risk Mapping 
  • Scenario Planning 
  • Risk Mitigation 

SCRMC’s Partners Joint Capabilities 

  • Business Continuity Planning 
  • Supply Chain Network Modeling – Digital Twins 
  • Risk Alert Solutions 
  • Supplier Illumination 
  • Real-Time Risk Register with Scenario Planning 
  • Supply Chain Risk War Room | Virtual 
  • Cybersecurity 


  • NGO, Government  
  • Commercial – All Industries 
    • Products 
    • Services 

Value Proposition:

  • Strategic Advantage: Identifying risks faster than your nearest competitor.
  • Gain Substantial Cost Avoidance & Cost Reduction by proactive planning protocols, such as “Digitizing-the-Supply-Chain
  • Creating Additional Revenue and Gaining Market Share from proactive approaches and reactive responsiveness for risk events
  • SURVIVAL! Cost reduction, top-line revenue and market share growth.