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Gwen Murphy

The SCERTIFY team works closely with procurement, brand management, CSR and other key stakeholders to plan, design, setup and run your sustainability program.

SCERTIFY strives to achieve full technology enablement for each sustainability use case no matter how complex the supply chain. Our purpose-driven offerings start by securing the human rights of people working in the first mile and providing verification of supply chain steps through the last mile all tracked via the latest emerging technology.

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Overall Mission Statement:

We help companies establish strategies and verify achievements of programs that contribute to environmental, social and governance (ESG) causes. Let’s work together to create a world that improves human well-being.

List of Product/Service Offerings:


Let us manage your sustainability program

Building needed capabilities and expertise in-house to effectively manage supply chain sustainability takes significant time and investment in people, processes, data management and technology. Tap into SCERTIFY’s expert resources to fully run and operate your sustainability program.

Value Proposition:

Continuously monitor supplier performance and alert you of issues and anomalies across transactions

Provide regular cadence of reporting on KPI measures and progress against goals

Continuously identify and recommend opportunities to improve processes, data sources, technologies and other means to mature your sustainability program