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Naples, FL, USA

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Marty Jacknis
(516) 816-4464

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Opportunity Maximizers is a management, marketing and sales consulting and training firm. We show clients how to achieve exceptional results by better seeking, seeing, seizing and leveraging the massive untapped opportunities that surround them.

Areas Covered:

North America

List of Product/Service Offerings:

Keynote and Professional Speaking 

Sample speaking topics include: 

  • Initiating and Sustaining a Culture and Process of Opportunity Maximization, Innovation and Continuous Improvement 
  • How to Turn Your Entire Organization into a Lean, Mean, Business Generating Machine 
  • How to Gain and Maintain a Meaningful Competitive Advantage 
  • How to Capture and Replicate the Intuition and Thinking of Top Performers 
  • Opportunity Blindness – Causes and Cures 
  • How to Make the Best Better 

Training Workshops and Webinars 

  • Prospecting 
  • Needs Identification 
  • Benefit Quantification 
  •  Account Strategy Development 
  • Strategy Execution Techniques 
  • Proposal Development 
  • Presentation Techniques 
  • Handling Objections 
  •  Negotiation Skills 
  • Closing Sales 
  • Leveraging Business Opportunities 
  • Time Management 
  • Creating and Communicating Competitive Differentiation 
  • Continuous Analysis and Improvement Process 

Executive Coaching/Consulting 

  • Highly successful business experience with critical thinking, planning, introspection and creativity