Driving Strategic Digital Transformation

Established: 2017

Pier 32 – 330-1333 Johnston St. Vancouver, BC, V6H 3R9

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Olive’s technology evaluation platform helps consultants and IT Leaders find solutions that drive digital transformation.

Olive is a new way of identifying and managing needs for buying solutions. It’s more innovative, collaborative, and accurate than RFI/RFQ (asking questions or asking for information) or RFP (identifying use cases and asking for a proposal on how to solve them).

Our approach is based on the idea that requirements management has historically been used for building solutions, but why shouldn’t it be used for buying solutions?


Overall Mission Statement:

Technology buyers and sellers are at odds, but they don’t need to be! Olive was founded to transform and streamline the technology evaluation process.

Value Proposition:

Digital transformation has been reimagined by Olive’s platform. With Olive, technology evaluations take weeks instead of months, with increased collaboration and automated due diligence. Olive helps teams collaborate on requirements management, vendor comparison, due diligence and solution selection. Here’s how it works:

  • Gather, rank and collaborate on business requirements
  • Gain consensus on what’s needed with key stakeholders and C Suite
  • Automate requirements management
  • Compare digital solution vendors to business needs
  • Detailed reporting to increase efficiency and transparency
  • Shortlist of solutions 3x faster than the traditional process
  • Increase user adoption by giving the organization buy-in
  • Enhance the organization’s change management strategy