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Nividous, a global intelligent automation company, is passionate about enabling organizations to work at their peak efficiency. We, at Nividous, realized quite early that automation must be approached holistically and not siloed. This is why from day one we have focused on building a comprehensive business automation platform that harnesses the power of RPA, AI, and BPM. Having these three key pillars natively available in our platform is our key differentiator.

At Nividous, we are proud of the fact that we have 100% customer retention, and we are being recognized by leading industry analysts across the globe. Our endeavor is and will remain, continuous innovation in our products and services to help our customers improve their competitive advantages.

Areas Covered:

North America, Asia, Europe, South Africa

Overall Mission Statement:

From day one we, at Nividous, have focused on building a unified intelligent automation platform that harnesses power of RPA, AI and BPM. These three key pillars of holistic automation are natively available within the platform. With continuous innovation in our products and services, we endeavor to help our customers improve their competitive advantages.

List of Product/Service Offerings:

Nividous Platform: Natively Combines RPA, AI, and BPM

Work Smarter. Deliver Faster. Innovate Better.

Nividous is a full-fledged hyperautomation platform that helps businesses to unleash the true potential of their workforce. Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Management, and Artificial Intelligence are the key components of Hyperautomation. This combination of technologies allows for very sophisticated processes to be automated to free human workers from repetitive, mundane tasks. All these components have been developed natively within the Nividous platform.


Design Your Code-Free Automation.

The Studio is Intuitive, Extensible and has Native Cognitive Support

Automate enterprise-wide business processes regardless of difficulty and scale with Nividous Studio. It is intuitive and offers native cognitive support. Design your workflows faster with the help of reusable components that you simply drag-and-drop. Integrations with other commercial and custom tools are available for advanced workflow automation with its highly extensible and flexible architecture.

RPA Bots

RPA Bots Perform Labor-intensive, Repetitive Tasks

While You Focus on Strategy, Innovation, and Growth

Robust RPA Bots to Automate Anything with Ease

Nividous RPA Bots are quick to configure, make zero mistakes, and work seamlessly with any existing interface delivering speed and flexibility to a wide range of processes. Once implemented, the RPA Bots give companies more control, allowing for improved operational forecasting and decision-making. Bots can multiply and be deployed instantly, helping to achieve scalability on demand.

Smart Bots

Native and Advanced Capabilities for

Intelligent Document Processing, Natural Language Processing, and Predictive Analysis

Native Cognitive Capabilities for Complex Processes

By combining the power of RPA with native Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cognitive capabilities, Nividous Smart Bots empower business users with the ability to easily automate processes involving complex documents. Capabilities such as Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Predictive Analysis give our Smart Bots the ability to classify, extract and validate data from any type of document, application or database. Using proprietary Machine Learning (ML) models, Nividous Smart Bots learn from experience, becoming faster and more reliable, significantly reducing operational costs and human errors. All of this work can be done without the need for data scientists or other scarce specialists and no expensive third-party components are required.

Control Center

Deploy, Manage and Secure Bots with Nividous Control Center

Scalable. Feature-Rich. Secure. Centralized

Manage Your Enterprise-wide Digital Workforce with Powerful Security

Control Center is your centralized dashboard where you can easily schedule, manage, control and scale your enterprise-wide digital workforce. It provides enterprise-grade security and audit capabilities to simplify compliance with the regulations that matter to you. Its real-time, feature-rich analytics provide deep insights into the process as well as the business data related to the Bot executions.

Value Proposition:

Use Nividous’ automation RoI calculator to determine potential cost savings that you can achieve by deploying software robots. Software robots or bots powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can automate a range of manual tasks at a fraction of the time and cost: